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Botanical Garden Wedding

My husband and I dated for over 10 years before we got married. We started dating young and we traveled, bought a house, focused on our careers and FINALLY got engaged! As I mentioned I love party planning and boy did I have such a good time planning this party! My wedding invitations were where it all started. They were so glamorous with lace and burlap, the quality was out of this world! In fact they were where the inspiration for my Rustic Chic wedding theme. They were from DK Wedding Designs be sure to check her out on Etsy. She is THE BEST!

Etsy was my best friend during my wedding planning process. I purchased pretty much everything from there. My cake topper, table numbers which I framed in dollar store frames, place holder vintage tags were all Etsy purchases. I purchased my lantern centerpieces from @HomeGoods across my state. I pretty much put a BOLO out to all my girlfriends and boy did they come through! We were getting married at a Botanical Garden so I thought that it was silly to spend even more money on flowers when we were surrounded by them. Not to mention they die, why not let my guests take home beautiful lanterns that they can use in their homes. I love visiting my friends and seeing my lanterns from my wedding. Money well spent! A co-worker of mine was a calligrapher and wrote my guests names on vintage tags that I tied to vintage keys which were also bottle openers and a favor for my guests to keep. Please do not mind my spelling error in the framed instructions for the table cards. Spelling is not my strong suit. I ordered tree saplings and wrapped in burlap to keep with the rustic chic theme. I filled the burlap sacks with birdseed so they would stand up right on the tables. The GreenWorld Project, the company I purchased the tree saplings from were wonderful to work with! I also purchased a Fuji film insta camera that printed mini Polaroids and guests took selfies and double sided tapped them onto our guestbook and left their well wishes next to the picture. We also did a first look for our pictures... I had never even heard of such a thing. Essentially you take pictures before the ceremony. I HIGHLY recommend this, I mean your hair an make up is hot off the press and on fleek - it's the best time to take pictures.

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