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What is Hot Mess Express Mom?

Hot Mess Express Mom
Allow me to introduce myself... is a blog about life being a mom. The ups the downs the things that happen in our day that if you don't just laugh you will cry or go crazy, wait I am already crazy scratch that. It is a place where I hope to make my readers laugh and feel better about themselves. Because let's face it since becoming a mom I am a TRAIN-WRECK or as I like to call it a HOT MESS EXPRESS. I am not by any means a "writer" so be prepared for grammatical errors, spelling mistakes and I am most likely multi-tasking while blogging so there will be typos sprinkled in here too :) Be easy on me, please! 

Before I was a mom. I was a young female professional who ran the marketing and events segment for a high tech start-up and prior to that I worked doing sales support for a very large Investment firm. I traveled the world regularly for business and was responsible for marketing and world wide events. I was the queen of multi-tasking. I thrived on the fast-pace that came along with all of my projects and worked long hours. I loved it - every minute of it. I never saw myself stopping and dreamed of rising to the top following the footsteps of my colleagues whom I looked up to professionally. Being successful in my career was my number one goal and I could not wait for the next opportunity to learn more and become better.

I married my first love and man of my dreams. We own a cozy (small AF) starter home, have 3 dogs (Yes, indeed I am the CRAZY dog LADY).

We had a honeymoon baby.

While I was pregnant the high tech start up I worked for lost funding. My role was eliminated and there I was five months pregnant with no job. Who the HECK was going to hire me? I landed a ton of interviews but no offers. I liked to hope it wasn't because of my growing belly but let's be honest, who would want to invest in someone who would just be getting up to speed in their new role then need to take a 3 month hiatus. I was beside myself. But, in true mom fashion, my mother said to me "everything happens for a reason...take it one day at a time." Well, guess what folks she was right. I mean moms are always right but boy was she right.

I gave birth to our beautiful 9.5lb (nope that is not a typo) baby boy and have been blessed with not having to go back to work and can focus on being a mom and spending each and every minute of my day with my son - the coolest dude I know. I have never been happier, I am so lucky and thankful!

Buuuuttt I have to fill you guys in on a secret. What I find so crazy about this change of events in my life is how much of a mess I am. I am LATE for everything, like not even close to being on time, my house is pretty much a complete disaster on the regular, I go to Target to get a certain item and I leave with the entire store and forget the item I originally went there for. I have forgotten my best friend's birthday for the past 2 consecutive years. I hardly ever do my hair and makeup let alone look in the mirror. The weird thing is I use to be able to run a team of professionals and ALOT of money in projects. However, since I have become a mom, I am a HOT MESS or as I like to call it a HOT MESS EXPRESS. Which brings you This is a place where I hope to share things that will make you laugh, and what I like to call Public Service Announcements (PSAs) such as my favorite go-to recipes, fun arts and crafts, my  must-haves and pretty much anything and everything that happens in my every day that I think is worth sharing with the world. #AllAboardTheHotMessExpress

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