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Hebert Candies CANDY CAMP

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B, two of his friends and I were lucky enough to be invited to attend a Candy Camp at Hebert Candies, a candy mansion located in Shrewsbury, Massachusetts. Yes, you read that right CANDY CAMP at a CANDY MANSION! Um YES please! I was so honored to receive the invite and of course B could not wait!

Candy Camp is a one hour event booked by reservation only by calling Hebert Candies at 508-842-5583. The cost is $10.95 per person which is SO REASONABLE for all that it includes. During the camp a camp coordinator will assist with making two chocolate treats to take home. Candy Camp is such a one of a kind activity, we had never done anything like it, B is still talking about it and wants to go back. I was so impressed at how much was included for the price. The camp includes making two chocolate treats and a giant ice cream from the sundae bar!

Candy Camp is not your typical "camp" it's a one hour long activity that is fun for all ages.

The materials aka candy were distributed to the kids and a camp coordinator assisted the activity by showing the children each step along the way on how to make the treat. The camp we attended made a flower, a pig and a chocolate pop, all made out of edible chocolates and other treats. We had never participated in an event such as this and it was such a BLAST! B was so excited to dig into all the colorful tasty ingredients he got to use to "build" his treats!

In addition to making the candy treats, the Candy Camp also includes one trip through Hebert's famous sundae bar and let me tell you, this sundae bar does not disappoint! It includes every topping you could ever imagine.

While you enjoy your ice cream the camp coordinator packages up the candy treats the children made so that you can take them home.

Once the camp activity was over B and I enjoyed walking through the candy mansion and looked at all the amazing chocolate goodness they had to offer.

We attended the camp in September and the mansion was ready for Halloween and let me tell you they were STOCKED with all kinds of spooktacular chocolate goodness! Bats, Pumpkins, "Boo Bars" anything and everything you can imagine, they had it!

They even have enormous chocolate turkey's. Talk about a one of kind hostess gift or centerpiece for Thanksgiving. I hope he knows I am taking him home with me next time :)

My friend who attended Candy Camp with us went a little batty purchasing "Boo Bars" (chocolate bars). Boy are her neighborhood kids lucky, this is what she passes out to all of her trick or treat-ers!

If you are local to the area I cannot say enough good things about Hebert's Candy Camp. Call them immediately to attend! You certainly will not be disappointed. May I also suggest attending Hebert's during the holidays because it is such a sight to see! The Halloween display was just amazing. The mansion also offers a variety of kid and family friendly events throughout the year in addition to Candy Camp such as a Fall Festival, free pictures with Santa, you can even host a birthday party there! For more information on Hebert Candy Mansion and all that it has to offer visit there website here.

If you are not local, do not fret! Although you won't be able to attend the Candy Camps you can purchase their chocolate treats via their website and have it shipped to you! https://www.hebertcandies.com/

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