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The Rail Trail Flatbread Co. - Moms' Night Out!

It's amazing how small experiences can lead to a pathway of extraordinary experiences.

I had recently went out to dinner with a friend to The Rail Trail Flatbread Co. new location in Milford, Massachusetts and had been raving...RAVING about it to my husband. I kept telling him we need to go! Like yesterday! They also have a location in Hudson, MA. Later that week my husband called me into the living room saying "Hey your restaurant is on the news, come check it out". You can find the segment on CBS News Boston here.

At the end of the segment they shared the restaurants Instagram handles railtrailflatbreadco and they also plugged thehungrygreek For any of you that are new here I am Greek! I said to my husband, no way! One of the owners is Greek. I immediately grabbed my phone and gave both accounts a follow. I messaged Taso at The Hungry Greek explaining that I had been raving to my husband about my recent experience at their new Milford location and I just saw his segment on the news. I told him I was Greek and a blogger and I would tag the restaurant next time I was in. He responded asking if I could hop on a quick call to see if we can collaborate to which I agreed.

The crazy part is I NEVER watch the news, it's not on in my house... ever. It was honestly so random that I saw the segment and heard the IG handle that mentioned The Hungry Greek. I am a firm believer in everything happens for a reason and this is a great example. I would have never reached out if I hadn't heard the word Greek, and I am so glad I did. We had a call and I shared some ideas of how we could collaborate. One being hosting me and my closest girlfriends for a much needs Mom's Night Out without hesitation Taso said "Let's do it!"

I know all of you understand how hard and nearly impossible it is to get a group of friends together on the same night, especially moms. It is impossible! Our schedules are never ending, overwhelming and full of conflicts. I texted my closest circle of friends new and old with a date and we were all so excited to have a night filled with good food, good drinks (cocktails and mocktails) and good uninterrupted conversation at The RailTrail Flatbread Co's new location in Milford!


The VIBE. THE VIBE is so good. From the moment you walk into the restaurant you don't know where to look first. The fiery glow of the wood stoves, the energy from the bar with the sounds of drinks being crafted, the delicious smells from the cuisine... it all collectively consumes you. It is an overwhelming experience that you must try and see for yourself. Both the Hudson and Milford location are a family friendly establishment. Perfect night out with friends or family or both! They offer take out options as well for those busy sports nights too!


The food is out of this world. It is so good. The Flatbread (not the P word) sour dough crust infused with so many flavors.

The dough is more of a bread crust all of the toppings are made in house. It is SO GOOD! There are also gluten free and vegan options. The menu options change seasonally and use the freshest ingredients.

My go to is the Primo Pepperoni Flat Bread - sweet tomato base, curled pepperoni, cheese blend, hot honey, garlic parmesan. I was sold at the hot honey. It is sweet and savory.

The menu has so much more than flatbread, they offer a number of entrees and delicious bowls. You will be sure to find something for everyone.

The salads are a meal on their own, they are huge, if you order one plan to share, my favorite is the Shaved Caesar - romaine, spinach, shaved broccoli & brussels sprouts, garlic crouton, shaved parmesan, garlic parmesan, creamy caesar dressing. A party in your mouth.

The appetizers are delightful. You can make a meal out of any of them as well or get a few different ones and share. The truffel feta fries are a must.

The desserts are decadent. My favorite is by far the PB Brownie - fudge brownie, peanut butter mousse, caramel sauce, powdered sugar. I have no words other than get it and you can thank me later.

PRIMO PEPPERONI - sweet tomato base, curled pepperoni, cheese blend, hot honey, garlic parmesan

FIG & WALNUT - roasted garlic base, caramelized onion, cheese blend, balsamic fig reduction, arugula, candied walnut

SHAVED CAESAR - romaine, spinach, shaved broccoli & brussels sprouts, garlic crouton, shaved parmesan, garlic parmesan, creamy caesar dressing and HONEY BEET - arugula, spinach, beet, apple, grape, fried celery root, cardamom almond, port cranberry, goat cheese, honey goat cheese vinaigrette

HOT TOTS - bleu cheese infused tots fried crispy and tossed in our buffalo ipa sauce, side of bleu cheese dressing make it loaded!


Cocktails, Mocktails, Beer & Wine.

The drinks are incredible. My favorite cocktail is FIRE IN THE SKY -

mezcal, habanero tequila, peche, lime. little bit of spice, little bit of smoke. a whole fireworks show in your mouth. Need I say more?!

The craft beer list is insane.

The wine list is extensive.

They also offer non alcoholic beverages.

The drink menu changes regularly offering festive drinks for seasons/holidays.



The service... is THE BEST most superior service I have ever had. We are talking at all restaurants of various price points all over the world. It sets your experience apart. Listen I worked behind the bar for more 10 years, all through college and also while working in Corporate America in Boston I still kept my weekends behind the bar. The days of getting good service is a thing of the past. I am a tough critic and very hard to please and every visit at both the Hudson, and Milford Massachusetts locations I have had consistent incredible service that pairs perfectly with delicious food. If I say it's good - it's exceptional. A special shout out to Tim our server who was so patient with my party of moms who haven't been out in a hot minute. THANK YOU TIM!

Picture with permission.


Ice cream. You can and should purchase pints of New City Microcreamery. Farm to table ice cream frozen with liquid nitrogen provides and unmatched smooth and creamy concoction. You can also purchase this ice cream at your local Whole Foods and Market Basket location or visit one of their 3 scoop shop locations located in Hudson, MA, Cambridge, MA and Sudbury, MA.

When you are trying to decide where to eat for a fun night out or you don't feel like cooking head to The Rail Trail Flatbread Co. and tell them Hot Mess Express Mom sent you.

Special Thank You to Taso and The Rail Trail Flatbread Co. for hosting my friends and I for an unforgettably fun night. I am so glad we connected!

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