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Toy Dyson Ball Vacuum With Real Suction and Sounds

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First of all how flipping cute is this Dyson Ball Vacuum toy!? Not only does it match my Dyson Ball vacuum. My brother was kind enough to purchase it for us as a wedding gift. I knew I was getting old when I was sooooooo excited to get this gift!

Anyhow when I found out that they sold a replica for kids I was equally as excited! This thing rocks! It is hands down one of the most used toys in my home and worth every penny! If you watch it on Amazon it frequently goes on sale so keep it on your radar. I paid full price and I bought two more when it went on sale after I saw how much of a hit it was. I gave one as a gift and kept one as a spare in the event this one breaks from all the wear and tear. Even at full price it's worth every penny. Things a beast! It has been slammed into baseboards and is used every. single. day. and it's still going strong.

Buy it. It will not disappoint!

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