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Toy Tuesday - Hape Gourmet BBQ Grill Must Have!

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Public Service Announcement This wooden Hape Gourmet BBQ Grill is a must have toy! It is one of the most used toys in our home. It was B's 2nd Birthday present. I just love any and all Hape toys. You truly get what you pay for and can't go wrong. They are so well crafted and I plan to keep these toys so that B can pass them down for years and years of play. Maybe even pass them down to his children someday. My parents saved (hoarded) my wooden table and chair set from when I was little and now it's B's how awesome is that?!

This toy grill is where's it's at. If you are looking for a toy grill stop what your doing and purchase this one now! It is used EVERY SINGLE DAY in our home. It is such a stunning toy and so well crafted I keep it in my living room, it's beautiful. The size is perfect not too small and not to big the larger bulky plastic versions, so I don't mind at all keeping it in our living space rather than hiding it in a toy room. It is so easy to put together. I did it all by myself with no help from the husband and it took no time at all.

It comes with the most adorable coordinating wooden accessories. Condiments, fish, steaks tongs and the most cutest shish kabobs. B loves using the tongs and threading on the assorted vegetables and meat on the skewers to make shish kabobs both of which are great for fine motor skills. He also loves "turning up the heat" with the knobs, they even make a clicking noise when you turn them just like a real gas grill. I mean come on. I cannot say enough good things about this Hape Toy Grill, Do your self a favor and buy it, it will not disappoint. It's a huge hit and our home and it will be in yours too! You can thank me later :)

Hape Toy Grill

Those shrimp though... I can't even stand it! :) The grill rack is removable and the side table folds down.

Hape Toy Grill

Turning that heat click click.

Hape Toy Grill

B loves threading on all of the food for the shish kabob and using those tongs.

Hape Toy Grill

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