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Parenting with a Punch - Amanda Houle - Parenting Strategist & Behavior Therapist

This post was sponsored by Jaclyn Zukerman of JZ Social Enterprises, Editor in Chief of NEXTonSCENE®.

I was honored to attend this event and so inspired by all of the Woman that filled the room. The energy was Amazing, I mean a room full of Boss Babes, you can only imagine. Lit!

Here is a little bit more about Amanda and Parenting With a Punch:

Are meltdowns and showdowns getting you down? If so, Contact Amanda today!

Amanda L Houle, MEd., Ed. Author,

Parenting Strategist | Communication & Relationship Specialist


"Happy kids happy life!"

"...Amanda is a Parenting Strategist, Behavior Therapist and host of the podcast, Parenting with a Punch show. Her foundation lies on promoting optimal parenting styles and positive outcome parent-child interactions. Amanda is your family's biggest cheerleader! When you can honestly take ownership of your energy and face the responsibility your role in parenting as their role model life will be more fun! There is simply no time to waste! Children's brains are 80% developed by age 5. These are the crucial years that dictate who your children will be when they grow up.

Amanda's niche is ages 2-6 years old due to her strong desire to and passion to create change early. Amanda also specializes in working with children with ADHD, ADD, Autism, ODD, Sensory Processing, Anxiety, and neuro-typical children displaying behavioral challenges.

Amanda holds a BS in Psychology from Northeastern University and MS degree from Touro College with a dual degree in General and Elementary Special Education with a specialization in Early Childhood. Amanda is a former Special Education Itinerant Teacher (SEIT) in NYC. This is the work that inspired Amanda to want to reach families all over the world and not be limited to only families in NYC. Amanda leads parenting and couples retreats both in the states and outside of the country. Amanda has a strong presence and brings a lightness and sense of humor to parenting.

If you are you ready for a no-nonsense, caring and loving approach to create a happier and healthier household? Contact Amanda today!" Source: Jaclyn Zukerman

Amanda's speech during the event was completely relatable and really made me take a step back and truly listen to what she was saying. Essentially, It is necessary to get a grip if you will with your own emotions before interacting with your child. Even if it means taking a few deep breaths or removing yourself from the situation, stepping out of the room even. She doesn't believe in Time Out and only believes in parenting with positive reinforcement. A client of Amanda's also spoke and gave a true testimonial full of raw emotion that told the story of how her child was out of control and as a mother she didn't know where to turn. But, thanks to Amanada, she now has an independent child who has learned how to cope with his emotions. It was moving and inspiring to say the least.

I am honored to connect with all of the woman who attended this event but really Amanda, she is on a mission to improve a healthier household world wide! Wow. Just Wow!

If you want to learn more about Amanda and Parenting With a Punch and how you can schedule a consult with her check out her website at and get social, by following her on Instagram and Facebook @parentingwithapunch.

parenting with a punch instagram

Parenting with a punch facebook

You do not need to be local to the Boston area to use Amanda's services.

Amanda has also launched an iFund Women's Campaign, and is offering her services at a much lower rate in honor of women owned businesses which you will see as rewards.

Amanda is also hosting a slew of upcoming events!

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