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Wright's Farm Restaurant - Family Style - Family Fun

This post was hosted. All opinions are my own.

Wright's Farm Restaurant in Harrisville Rhode Island, just over the Massachusetts border, is an all you can eat, yes you read that right, ALL YOU CAN EAT, family style restaurant. It is an experience you surely don't want to miss. If you have never been, you need to go. Immediately! You can thank me later. It's conveniently located 15 minutes from Providence, 20 minutes from Worcester, 50 minutes from Boston and 60 minutes from Hartford.

The Wright's Farm Restaurant Experience

Picture this...fresh oven baked, fall-off the bone chicken, garden salad with the most glorious tasting Italian dressing (that I could drink with a straw...kidding...kind of) home-style french fries, pasta shells and sauce, rolls. All. The. Rolls. Don't like chicken? There is an option to upgrade to a 14 oz sirloin steak. Are your taste buds watering?

The moment you walk into Wright's Farm Restaurant, you will be overcome with a memorable experience. The smell of the deliciousness that awaits consumes you. The energy radiating from the sounds of laughter of family and friends surrounds you.

You see, this restaurant is kind of a secret passage for moms. It is a delicious "home cooked" meal that is affordable. The all you can eat family style menu is sure to be a fit for the pickiest of eaters. The vibrant family atmosphere will make your meal-time at a restaurant with kids stress free. I am serious - stress free dinning in public with KIDS does exist, I can assure you. Wright's Farm Restaurant is a casual no frills family setting that is FILLED room after room with families, kids, grandparents, adults and children, people of all ages. It's ambiance is family style fun. It will be the most stress free dining out experience you have ever had with your family.

From the moment you are seated, the friendly staff will bring you heaping bowls filled with baked chicken, salad, home-style french fries, pasta shells with sauce and rolls with refills upon request. As soon as you are seated the food is brought over. It's simplicity is genius. It's family style - just pass the bowls and everyone piles the deliciousness onto their plates. Here's the other thing, the affordability is paramount. Adults prices are $13.75 and children prices 10 and under are $7.95 each. Nope, that's not a typo.

Dining at Wright's Farm Restaurant is an experience that you have to see for yourself. They can accommodate a crowd or just a date night dinner for two. You can go for a moms night out or bring the family. It is a place to spend quality time and eat good food with the ones you love. Once you give Wright's Farm Restaurant a try you will be talking about the next time you plan to come back before you leave.

Oh, did I mention there is a bar in every dining room? Minor detail...

There is also Keno, Bingo and a scratch ticket vending machine if that fits your fancy. You gotta play to win!

What's more is the gift shop. THE GIFT SHOP I can honestly say is one of the best gift shops I have ever been to. When you are done stuffing your face, I mean eating, you can walk it off in the gift shop. They have an extensive product offering, something for everyone. They have a huge candy selection as well as gourmet chocolates and fudge. They even sell their very own food products. You can take the taste of Wright's Farm Restaurant home with you by purchasing some salad dressing or marinara sauce. Shop their gift shop online here.

I recently stocked up on Easter basket stuffers while I was there. Their prices are affordable and the selection is out of this world.

Those Dino Skeleton kits were $3.50 each and let me tell you, they were SO COOL! My son sat for hours! You chip away at a tiny block with the tools that are included (a chisel and paint brush) to unearth a dinosaur skeleton just like a real life paleontologist. I am going to buy more next time I am there. They were such a hit. Can you say "quiet time"...winner-winner chicken dinner :)

All about Wright's Farm Restaurant

Wright's Farm has been around for over 50 years. My friends and I have been going since we were kids with our parents. Now we bring our families and on very rare occasions have a kid free moms' night out. This past Sunday, we went early bird style. You have to fit the time in with your friends when you can!

  • The size of Wright's Farm Restaurant can accommodate any size party, large or small. They can host functions from banquets to weddings. For more information on functions visit their website here.

  • They can even accommodate tour and bus groups. For more information visit their website here.

  • Reservations are available for parties of 10 or more.

  • They are now accepting reservations for all major holidays! This would be a great Mother's Day or Father's Day gift. Reservations can be made for 2 - 22.

  • The restaurant is open Thursday - Sunday. Thursday 4pm-9pm Friday 4pm-9pm Saturday Noon-9pm Sunday Noon-8pm

  • Takeout is available in dinner size or party size pans. Full pan serves 18-20 people. Half pan serves 9-10 people. For more information on takeout options visit their website here or call 401-769-2856.

Party Pans

I had no idea these existed until my husband pointed out a sign on our way out of the restaurant last time we were there.

Bring the delicious Wright's Farm Restaurant menu to your home! Yes please!

This is not only perfect for every major holiday you host but really any event you host with friends and family. Think Easter, Mother's Day, Father's Day beat the heat at summer gatherings and instead of the grill order party pans from Wrights. For busy moms like myself this is a perfect catering/take out option for hosting. A wholesome delicious meal that is affordable and can feed a crowd. If the crowd is anything like mine they are already huge fans of Wright's Farm Restaurant so they will be very pleased! I recently served them at my home for my son's Baptism.

If you have never been to Wright's Farm Resturant you have to go! For more information visit their website here.

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