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Board & Brush - DIY Wood Sign Workshop - The Ultimate Girls Night (or Day) Experience

This post was hosted. All opinions are my own.

Lucky for me I have been friends with the same group of girls since childhood. Some as early as preschool and now our children are built-in best friends! We try our hardest to have a kid free get together everyone once in a while. It's certainly not as often as I'd like, but we make it happen on occasion.

I recently discovered Board & Brush. It is this DIY Wood Sign Workshop studio where you make the most beautiful wood signs you ever did see (many of them personalized) and take it home that day. They provide the boards cut to the specific size of your project and all the materials needed to create your sign!

Did I mention the studio is BYOB?

Um... need I say more? SIGN me up!!

I HAD to get the girls together and make this happen as our next kid free outing.

Lori and Kerri who own the Westborough, Massachusetts Board & Brush location were kind enough to host me and a few of my girlfriends to a workshop. They are just the cutest pair of boss babes and also childhood friends. They walk you through the entire process during the workshop. Their studio is absolutely gorgeous, it's rustic chic decor is out of this world!

I have got to tell you guys my typical "Hot Mess Express" moment. I arrived early to ensure I had enough time to take some pictures before our workshop started. Upon arrival I stopped at Panera to pick up some goodies, I left Panera which is in the SAME plaza as Board & Brush. I drove around the entire plaza several times and for the life of me could NOT find Board & Brush. I am not kidding when I finally found it all I could do is laugh. It is literally RIGHT NEXT/CONNECTED to Panera. Can't make this stuff up... I am such a Hot Mess :)

All of the signs that are in the studio are signs you can make in their studio. You can now see why me and the girls are going back for more!

We started by choosing the sign we wanted to make on the Board & Brush website. Let me just tell you this was the HARDEST PART! There were so many options it was overwhelming. I wanted them ALL. Check out all the projects they have to offer here. You choose the project prior to attending the workshop. They send you a draft to approve to ensure dates and names are correct if your project is personalized.

We all chose a different sign and personalized it accordingly when we registered for the workshop. The best part is we all got to choose a project that we liked but got to make it together in the studio. This is the ultimate Girls Night or in our case Day Date out!

With music pumping and mimosa's flowing we got to work!

When we arrived our boards, stencils and all the tools needed were waiting for us in the absolute cutest work stations ever! They supply all of the materials needed! You just show up and get to work!

The first step was to distress our wood. You do this using a hammer and a meat tenderizer.

Then sand your project smooth.


We then chose the stain we wanted...SO MANY OPTIONS.

Next we chose the paint color and got to painting.

Sand again.

Lastly, we waxed our project to give a distressed look!

Voila! It is so fun and the projects turn out just beautiful! You leave with a customized one of a kind sign for your home that you will forever cherish because YOU made it!

Check out our finished masterpieces!

For obvious reasons, my friends and already have our next visit in the works!

If you live in the Westborough, Massachusetts area and you are looking for a memorable experience to do with your friends...Look no further...Board & Brush is it. Check out their website here.

If you are not local click here to find a Board & Brush location near you here!

This is not only the best girls night out or in our case a girls day date but would be the ultimate Mother's Day or Birthday gift.

Lucky for you Kerri and Lori have been kind enough to provide me with a gift card to attend a free workshop (a $65 value) for the Westbough, Massachusetts location.

Enter the Giveaway here!

Thank you so much Lori and Kerri for hosting such a memorable and much needed Day Date with my friends.

We will see you soon!

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