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The Ultimate Guide to Enhance Your Family's Boston Red Sox Game Day Experience at Fenway Park!

My family and friends of mine were lucky enough to score tickets during an amazing promotion that the Boston Red Sox offered making a game affordable enough for the entire family to attend. The Family4Pax promotion is offered randomly throughout the Boston Red Sox season, it includes 4 Fenway Franks (hotdogs), 4 Sodas, and 4 tickets to the game, all for $99. Yes, you read that right. A family of 4 can attend a Sox game for under a hundred bucks and it includes lunch.

From the minute I saw the promo I just knew it was the perfect time to take my 4 year old to his first game. It was affordable enough that I wouldn't feel guilty if he didn't "last" the whole game. I was just so excited!!

Let me just tell you that experiencing my son's first Boston Red Sox game at iconic Fenway Park was the and I quote "THE BEST DAY EVER"...from the mouth of my four year old. Fenway has so much to offer for families and kids to do during a game. I could go on and on forever! I could shout from the rooftop garden or the green monsta with excitment I was so thoroughly impressed! They literally think of everything! Activities, special memorabilia that is free Including a "My first game button", even a private pod for us mom's who are nursing and need to pump and so much more! Read on for all the deets!

Even if you can't take advantage of the awesome promotion I was able to score rest assure that there is so much to do most of it free once you are in the park, making the most memorable experience. It will be worth every penny! I promise! In fact there was so much to do we didn't get a chance to do it all. I hope to have the opportunity to attend at least one more game with B before the season and summer is over!

As I mentioned there are a number of free in-park activities for fans of all ages including virtual and augmented reality experiences, pre-game music and autograph sessions, and family-friendly activities throughout the ballpark including:

  • Parents can register their kids for the Red Sox Kid Nation program before the game and score a free ticket for kids 14 and under.

  • The Kids Concourse and Wally’s Clubhouse provides activities between the third to seventh innings including, games, face painting, caricature artist, beanbag toss, appearances from Wally, and more.

  • Sox VR offer a virtual behind-the-scenes experience of Spring Training and World Series parade and celebration, plus an interactive homerun derby challenge; Sox AR offers augmented reality visuals at various locations around the stadium through scannable QR codes and the MLB BallPark App.

  • Autograph Alley, inside the Jersey Street Team Store, hosts a former Boston Red Sox player, coach, or personality signing autographs.

  • Fans can play Red Sox Bingo through the MLB Ballpark app by filling their Bingo cards based on that game’s statistics to receive a Red Sox prizes.

  • Attend a game that features a Sox Promo giveaway item or a special themed Game-Day event such as Boston Comic Con, WWE Night or PEANUTS Night.

  • First timers at the ballpark and those celebrating birthdays can swing by Fan Services in the Kids Concourse to get a specialized button to commemorate the occasion!

As you can see there is just a tremendous amount of fun to fill your game day experience. All of which is Free once you are in the park during a game.

If I have convinced you that it is an absolute blast and to bring the entire family to the Boston Red Sox check out my pro tips below before you head to Fenway:

PRO TIP #1: Take a pedicab from your car to the game! Just do it, trust me! it's the ultimate experience and worth every penny. My son was so amazed whizzing through traffic in the streets of Boston. He screeched "THIS IS AWSOME" while we were zooming down towards Yawkey Way. You kind of name your price too! they recommend paying less than or more than $14 if I remember correctly. It was SO FUN! Worth every penny. Michael was the Best driver!

PRO TIP #2: You can buy ice cream in these super cute Wally or Helmet cups. Buy them! It's the cutest souvenirs that you can reuse at home! I also bought the helmet they put popcorn and use it at home when we watch movies. These are fun souvenirs that you wont feel as guilty about splurging on because you can reuse them at home! You can purchase these items empty too if you don't eat popcorn or ice cream!

Pro Tip #3: Kid's Concourse must haves!

  • Get a free Wally Character balloon

  • Sign up for Kid Nation while there even the free version your children get a free lanyard and other goodies

  • Get a my first game button

PRO TIP #4: Purchase tickets to a game where kids run the bases! Do NOT get discouraged when you get in line to do so, this game day event "runs" like a well oiled machine. The line goes by quick and it's worth the wait! Also have one adult at home plate so you do not lose your child or having a meting place if your kids are old enough to understand. It is kind of a cluster when they kids start running they should allow one adult/family member to run with the younger kids . I swear this experience is for the adults too. It was so cool!! It was the coolest most overwhelming experience at Fenway that I have ever had so I cannot even begin to image how it felt to be a kid and experience this! Lucky for me I have been to many games and have had the amazing experience of sitting in some pretty awesome seats back when I worked in Corporate America! This beat any experience I have ever had at Fenway!

Pro Tip #5: Sign the Pesky Pole. Bring a marker to sign it. No explanation needed! We hit it up on the way to the running of the bases after the game was over.

Seriously a pumping pod! How awesome is that!?

Cheers to us being friends and now our kids being built in friends! This does not happen nearly enough. Don't worry the Dad's were driving :)

Now that I have given you the ins and outs of how to maximize your family experience at the Boston Red Sox hurry up and get tickets to a game before the season is over!

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