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Purposeful Play - Sensory Kits

I was gifted free product in exchange for this post. All opinions are my own.

The power of social media is wild. I recently saw a post with a local mom sharing her company, Purposeful Play. Curated Sensory Kits creating hours of imaginative play. When I saw her amazing kits I immediately sent her a note requesting a collaboration. Not only do I find it super cool to support other moms, local being a plus, but I love sharing things that I would purchase or use for my own children.

I was gifted two beautiful sensory kits from Purposeful Play for each of my boys. Each kit had it's own theme. My 6 year old is construction obsessed so I knew that would be perfect for him. I chose the garden theme for my 2 year old.

Once I received the kits my first thought was wow, these are so much larger than I envisioned. Secondly, the cases were so heavy duty and very good quality. Both of which exceeded my initial expectations.

Once I got home I gave my 6 year old a sneak peek, his mind was blown and has been BEGGING me to let him play with the sensory kits immediately.

We just spent hours using the first kit - the construction theme sensory kit. My 6 year old spent a solid 2.5 hours playing, building and creating. We actually snapped the cover of the kit off and used that as a tray to play! Then once we were done we clipped it right back into place.

Pro Tip: if you are strategic like I was I gave my 6 year old the sensory kit to play with while my 2 year old napped. I got all of the laundry, dishes and vacuuming done. UNINTERUPTED!

I asked my son on a scale of 1-10, 10 being the best score what he would give the sensory kit. He graded the kit a 110! He LOVED IT.

I was blown away at the quality of the material included.

My son's favorite materials were "everything" but if I made him pick 1 he said "the gravel (beans), turf and the shovel".

I am saving the Garden theme kit for another day but I am including pictures of it to share the amazing details and what it includes.

These kits would be such a unique Birthday gift or even something the Easter Bunny can bring to keep your kids busy bees!

I can't think of a better time to purchase a Purposeful Play Sensory Kit than right now. I mean we are stuck home in the midst of a pandemic AND April showers are right around the corner.

I just reached out to the owner and asked if a dinosaur kit was available and she said she is working on it as we speak. I am going to purchase one when she lists it.

Check out Purposeful Play here and if you end up purchasing a kit let her know Hot Mess Express Mom sent you!

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