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Spooktacular Haunted Houses Halloween Craft!

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If you are new here I am a holiday enthusiast and I go big during the holidays. I love making memories and doing fun crafts that we can keep and look back on each year!

I wanted to share this super easy and fun DIY Haunted House craft!

My 5 year old and his best friend created these Spooktacular houses they were so fun and easy! It's fun for all ages even my 1 year old made his own haunted house!

Pro Tip: I bought an extra set and plan to create gingerbread houses for Christmas! Yes it's not even Halloween and I have Christmas on my brain.



Acrylic Paint


Paint Brushes

Spooky Spiders

Googly Eyes

Shaker Glitter


  1. I recommend doing any craft that involves using glitter outside. I set up a folding table and covered it with craft paper. Make sure the kids have craft clothes on because acrylic paint doesn't wash off.

  2. I added spooky details to our craft table such as witch cauldron paint brush holders and spooky Halloween paper plates for the paint. Anything EXTRA is totally my style.

  3. While the kids are painting the houses and the paint is still wet let them have at it with the glitter! I like to buy glitter with shakers on the top because it's easy for the kids to use.

  4. Once the paint is dry we use glue to apply googly eyes, cottonball spider webs, and spiders to take their haunted houses to a whole other level!

  5. Don't forget to put the name of the child and date on the bottom of their creation.

  6. Once we brought the haunted houses were totally done we added battery operated tea lights.

This was hands down one of my favorite crafts to date!

My 5 year old put his haunted house on his nightstand in his room!

How FREAKing awesome did these spooky haunted houses come out!? I am obsessed!

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