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The Ultimate Indoor/Outdoor Kids Camping Set!

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The holidays are literally 20ish (I think... What day is it?!) days away! I cannot believe Christmas is almost here.

I wanted to put together a fun gift for the kids that would not only look magical set up in front of the Christmas Tree but also be something we could use. Functional. Not just junk and more toys! We have plenty of that :)

So I started thinking. I have been dreading winter. DREADING. With the pandemic and all things covid19 I just am so overwhelmed by the thought of being cooped up in the house all winter LONG. That's when it came to me. I thought of something that would be so fun indoors for movie nights, Livingroom sleepovers during the winter and then once it was nice out it can actually be used outside too! Something that the boys will get use out of and also make a fun indoor activity. Sign. Me. Up!

When I was younger my parents bought me and my brother this super cool pop up tent. You literally took it out of the handy bag it came in and it set it self up. No poles no fuss. Kind of like the kids play tents except it was a legit real tent to camp in. We camped out in the thing in our back yard regularly. It was a blast.

That's when it came to me. My kids needed a pop up tent! I mean how fun will it be.

And the best part I will fill it with all sorts of fun camping stuff and set it up in front of the Christmas tree!

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