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B's Nautical Nursery

Nautical Nursery Alphabet Wall

One of my passions (aside from shopping) is decorating. In fact I am kind of good at it, so much so that some of my friends have asked me to assist with their interior design needs and I love to help. It's even more fun spending other people's money (sorry Kara and Erin :)). Once I found out we were having a baby boy I was soooo EXCITED to start designing the nursery. I chose a nautical theme. I love the beach and the ocean! I wanted to create a space that would grow with B and wasn't too baby-ish with my husbands help, actually who are we kidding here he did all the manual labor :), we did just that!

How awesome is this nautical nursery. I honestly think it should be shown off in a really cool mom blog, if I do say so myself.

Can we talk about this furniture?! Isn't it gorgeous? I mean it's nicer than my bedroom furniture. It absolutely set the ton for my nautical nursery vision. We purchased this Bertini Pembrook Bedroom set at Babies R Us. Now that Babies R Us is no longer around you can find it at a retailer near you via their website I seriously cannot say enough good things about this furniture. It is beautiful and so solid. My dad and beefcake of a husband struggled to carry the pieces into the house. We also purchased the conversion kit for the crib so that it can turn into full size bed. This furniture is such an investment and will last and grow with our son throughout years!

Once we we purchased the furniture I designed the rest of the room.

I purchased this Sail Boat from Boston Interiors. The floor lamp is from Target. The large wave basket/bin was a gift, I believe it was purchased at Kmart but I have seen similar variations of it at Target, HomeGoods, TJ Maxx and Marshalls.

To create the alphabet wall I purchased wooden letters from Michaels Stores I chose different sizes but you can choose all of the same if you want a more monochromatic look. The light up letter was also from Michaels. The life preserver for the "O" was purchased from Amazon. My husband painted the letters using the same colors we used to paint the border in the room and added green for a pop of color.

The cabinet bookshelf was purchased at Target. I asked for guests to bring a baby book in place of a card at my baby shower, B now has quite the extensive library. I also framed our pregnancy announcement photo (with our dogs) and my baby shower invite. The lantern was from TJ Maxx it was actually what I used for my wedding centerpieces. I love seeing them re-purposed in my family and friends homes!

Finding bedding was the HARDEST part. I could not for the life of me find nautical bedding that I liked. This set was purchased at Land of Nod. I was kind enough to be spoiled by my friends and family at my baby shower so if you are looking for more affordable bedding Target has a copy-cat version of Land of Nod called Pillow Fort.

My husband painted the border of the room with nautical shades of red, white and blue. We purchased the anchor decal at Target. I was so nervous/apprehensive about the border but it came out amazing. You can see some imperfections from the flash of the camera, but it looks perfect when you are in the nursery looking at it in real life.

Check out more pictures below and feel free to gather inspiration for your nautical nursery.

Nautical Nursery Alphabet Wall

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