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Valentine's Day Gift Basket

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I love love love holidays! My mom use to always give the best goodies for each and every holiday for my brother and I, I remember always getting the hallmark holiday stuffed animal each year for valentines day! I always go overboard when it comes to giving gifts and fun treats for each and every holiday, I will blame this trait...errr...OBSESSION on my mom! Thanks Mama! To further this obsession I love to fill beautiful basket with lots and lots of goodies. I am the self proclaimed gift basket goddess :). Give me a basket and I will make the most beautiful gift EVER! I would love to add professional gift basket giver to my resume as a side hustle, is that a real thing? I think it should be.

If you are looking for some gift inspiration and ideas for your little Valentine then look no further because I've got you covered.

My go to stores for any holiday gifts for my toddler are Target, Walmart, Amazon and Dollar Tree. I live at those retailers every holiday and my pro tip to you is plan ahead, the good stuff sells out fast. I always go way in advance like the moment the merchandise hits the shelves I am there. My poor husband! Sorry babe! My soon to be Threenager (I CANNOT BELIEVE MY BABY IS GOING TO BE THREE!!!) is super into tacos and dogs. Those are his jam right now. I start by purchasing the basket. That way I knew what size fillers I could go with. At one of my gazillion trips to Target I bought this basket at and started filling the bad boy the moment I placed it in my red cart! I spotted an adorable felt taco set from the (three) dollar bin. That poor taco kit didn't stand a chance, in my cart it went. I also snagged a cute felt oversized valentine envelope from the (three) dollar bin. I always get a festive holiday book or five for B. I thought that the Dragons Love Tacos book would be a perfect compliment to not only Valentines because the word "Love" was in the title but my taco-ish theme.

When I saw the cutest stuffed Hallmark Valentine Love Pug that sings "I like big pugs and I cannot lie" (I mean COME ON!) at Walmart I just knew he was immediately coming home with me and I was hoarding him in my closet for B's Valentines Day Gift Basket. Come to Momma! I frequent the Dollar Tree on the regular. B loves going there too, he loves to get balloons and glow sticks and I love getting holiday junk/things that we don't need as my husband would call it. I purchased the two felt roses to add to the felt motif, I also grabbed some fillers like the heart shaped sunglasses. Lastly I stuffed the basket with other goodies such as chocolate, glow sticks, and mini play doh, chalk, a Nerf gun all things any toddler will love. B will "Love" this basket come Valentine's Day just as much as I will love giving it to him! I can't wait! Happy Valentine's Day!

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