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Make Your Own Venus Flytrap Terrarium Birthday Party!

My first born turned SIX this week!!! I cannot believe it! Thanks to Covid he missed out on his Birthday Party last year. The pandemic was not going to stop me from throwing the most EPIC Birthday celebration ever!

A few weeks back B and I had a day date at a local nursery called Weston Nurseries in Hopkinton, Massachusetts. If you are local be sure to check them out! While there with the assistance of Jenny who works there B created a really cool carnivorous terrarium. It included a pitcher plant, Venus Flytrap live moss and more!

This experience was the inspiration for his party. I also used the terrarium we made was as the centerpiece and the kids used it as an example to make theirs.


I have to say this was the most epic "Party" EVER! (simmer down Karen, there were only 4 kids that attended).

I started by contacting Jenny, at Weston Nursery and ordered the Venus Flytrap plants. I ordered extra in the event there were any casualties while transplanting.

I thought long and hard about the most functional container that we could use for the actual terrariums. Something that would be safe for 6 year old boys aka wrecking balls of mass destruction. I used plastic aquarium containers - they were perfect. They were childproof, had adequate ventilation AND the best part was if the plants died the kids could use these containers for critter catchers! Win. Win. In my book.

At the party, each child had a bowl filled with distilled water and sphagnum moss, a terrarium, a book all about carnivorous plants, a terrarium tool kit, bug glasses to make things extra fun, fake flies to decorate their terrariums, live moss, and a Venus Flytrap plant!

The kids got to create their own terrarium masterpiece. It was so fun!

Here is the finished product! Venus Flytrap terrarium complete with two live mosses and fake flies!

The birthday boy was party ready! He got a special Venus Flytrap shirt to wear at this party along with a one of a kind haircut from his barber Matt. If you are a local follower be sure to check out Matt At the Buzzer's in Millbury, Massachusetts. He is so incredibly talented.

Check out the cake! Karen from Market32 knocked it out of the park by taking my order of "a dozen cupcakes to look like Venus Flytraps" and turning it into this beautiful cake! (Cupcakes were under the frosting) I still can't believe how amazing this came out!

PARTY DETAILS: (affiliate links)

Special thanks to Jenny from Weston Nurseries, along with the owner's son who on his way home from work in Boston picked up the plants from their vendor to ensure I would get them in time for the party.

Thank you to Karen from the Market32 in Sutton, Massachusetts bakery. Thank you for making the coolest cupcakes ever! You are so incredibly talented!


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