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St. Patrick's Day Shenanigans

St. Patrick's Day is right around the corner. My friend Shauna has an annual St. Patrick's Day party. It is always a blast. She always throws awesome gatherings, fun for the kids and the adults. Here is a roundup of party shenanigans I wanted to share.

I love to bake, I love baking fancy cupcakes from scratch (even the frosting) and I'm known for it. Although I gotta say since I have become a mom there is a lot less fancy cupcake making going on. I mean really... ain't nobody got time for that :) Here is a Hot Mess Mom tip - work smarter not harder. I BOUGHT super cute cupcakes from my local grocery store that had festive clover sprinkles, perfect for the St. Patrick's Day party. I brought those bad boys home and fancy'd them up! I bought Airhead Extreme Rainbow Belts and Rolo candy and topped each cupcake making a pretty rainbow and pot of gold! These cupcakes were gorgeous and took me all of 10 mins. I placed them in my cupcake carrier and brought them to the party, plated them on a festive platter, and you bet your behind I took full credit for baking these beauties! In fact my friends still think I made them from scratch and are just now finding out the truth when they read this blog post. :)

What makes this story even better is I saw these cute cupcakes earlier in the week when I was picking up a few groceries and I mental noted them and went back yesterday to buy them. They were all gone, typical Hot Mess Mom moment. I was so disappointed so I asked the manager if there was any way to scrape off the frosting off of the cupcakes they did have and re frost and sprinkle using the super cute clover sprinkles. I told him how I saw them earlier in the week and obviously should have picked them up then but hadn't and I wanted to bring them to a St. Patrick's party I was going to. He agreed to try... (I can imagine what he was really thinking... this flipping lady is crazy) I was so excited!

He did a great job they came out so cute and a bit imperfect (I am not sure frosting cupcakes was a skill he had prior to my request) which was even better as I was taking full credit for baking them.

Check out how fabulous they came out! I mean, Come. On!

Other highlights of the party was the dessert my friend Erin's husband made. A St. Patrick's Day Brownie Trifle from the @CookinChicks it was DELISH!

Erin made a AWESOME game I HIGHLY recommend for the adults, feel free to make it kid friendly, simply adjust the prizes accordingly. It was such a blast. I may or may not have peed my pants during the playing of this game from LAUGHING so flipping hard. Fair warning. You have to play this game at your next party. It will not disappoint, I promise. You can thank me (well, Erin really) later!

So what she did was wrapped a ton of prizes for adults such as nips, scratch tickets, nail polish, candy bars, lip balm etc.. You can use anything you want, use your imagination. You wrap a prize and keep wrapping plastic wrap around the one prize... layers and layers making a ball, add each prize and more layers of plastic wrap in between. Continue making this plastic wrap ball full of prizes with layers of plastic wrap in between. Make sure you put the best gift in the middle so wrap that first. Our plastic wrap ball was about the size of a child's soccer ball.

You will need a pair of dice and a pair of oven mitts.

Here is how you play:

  • Sit around a clean table (Pro tip: remove all beverages off the table prior to playing)

  • Have one person start rolling the dice and the person to the left of them place the oven mitts on as soon as they start rolling and try to start unwrapping the ball while wearing the oven mitts

  • Once doubles have been rolled the ball and the dice are passed to the next players to the right and the sequence begins again

  • The person with the ball does not stop unwrapping until the person to the right rolls doubles

  • If you unwrap any prizes during your turn they are yours to keep

YOU GUYS! I cannot stress how much FUN this is... we had such a BLAST! It was certainly the hit of the party!

I tried taking some action shots during the game so I could share it.

Shauna as always had goodies bags for the kids. She also made a super cute veggie platter with orange, white and green veggies, making an Irish flag and served her go-to dill dip! Yum!

If you take anything out of this blog post make sure it's 1. work smarter not harder, no one will know or care if you baked or bought the cupcakes and 2. Play the plastic wrap ball game at your next party!


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