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Home Run Family Fun! A Grand Slam of a Good Time at Polar Park - Home of the Worcester Red Sox!

Updated: Aug 30, 2021

If you are looking for family fun that is exciting, affordable and will make lasting memories then attending a Worcester Red Sox game at Polar Park is a must!

Home Run Family Fun!

My family and I were hosted to attend a game in exchange for this blog post. All opinions are my own.

In true Hot Mess Express Mom fashion I actually attended the wrong game that my tickets were good for! Not that this should surprise any of you who have been around for a longtime. I read an email too quickly and excitedly and only saw "Tuesday's game" and assumed it was for the upcoming Tuesday. It wasn't. It was for the following Tuesday. Not only did I attend the wrong game, but we were there THREE hours early! My husband left work early and my brother drove in from Boston to watch my mom who has been staying with us since a fall.

One would think that I would have connected the dots when my friend Shauna said there wasn't a double header game that night. Or, the fact that I never got the tickets via email. Nope. I still went. When Will Call had a hard time finding my tickets I offered to call my contact but they quickly came back with tickets in hand. It was once we tried walking into the stadium that we soon realized we were VERY early for the game. That made me quickly re check my email regarding my hosted tickets and I soon realized that we were in fact at the wrong game. Oops!

Parking has NEVER been an issue at any event or game I have attended at Polar Park. Just like any other sporting event or stadium there are ample parking lots surrounding the ballpark. The price for parking ranges. My husband chose a lot that was very close by for $15. That is a fraction of the price that you pay when heading into Boston for a Sox game. It's an expected additional cost in my opinion and still affordable. The proximity to the train station is also an added bonus so depending on where you live you could conveniently take the train in and Polar Park is a short walk from the station, totally doable even with littles in tow.

There is NO BAD SEAT at Polar Park. I repeat - NO BAD SEAT! I have sat in seats very close to home plate and I have also sat in General Admission seating. Both were absolutely fantastic. I personally like General Admission seating better when going with kids as you can choose any red seat in the entire stadium. There are so many options to choose from! I also like the fact that it gives you the opportunity to move and see different areas of the park which I think is important when you attend the game with kids. You aren't committed to one seat and can move around and change up the scenery.

If you have tickets in hand you can enter Gate A. This is what you should do if you attend with kids. As you enter there is a beautiful playground, concessions and bathrooms right as you walk in.

Polar Park did such an amazing job incorporating The City of Worcester within the stadium. They have Coney Island, Table Talk Pies, Wonder Bar just to name a few. Providing local flavor from the city right inside the ball park!

The stadium has so much energy. It is so exciting from the moment you enter! Polar Park is inclusive and state of the art. They did not miss a thing when building this stadium! It has it ALL.

Wheelchair accessible seating steps from the elevator.

Here is my check list of must haves while attending a Worcester Red Sox game at Polar Park:

(screenshot this before you go!)

  1. Get a hotdog at Coney Island for the ultimate Ball Park experience!

  2. Sit down and eat it at the nearby tables so you aren't juggling children, hot dogs and all of the things.

  3. Use the FREE digital photo booth to the right of the Coney Island Hot Dog Stand.

  4. Check out the playground, let the kids get out the wiggles and use the bathrooms while there.

  5. Up the stairs near the playground you can find a giant bobble head. Take a family photo!

  6. On the way to your seats get an Snow Cone from the Tropical Shaved Kona Ice truck. PSA they do birthday parties and events. My kids also like ice cream from the concession stand. Ask for the ice cream in a cup and take home the empty/clean helmet bowl. My kids love these snack cups.

  7. Get a picture with the mascot - Smiley Ball.

  8. My friend Alex from Polar Park said the Berm are the best seats in General Admission and I could not agree with him more! There are tons of seats and tables and a grassy area as well! The view is out of this world.

  9. Bring or buy a baseball and sharpie (they sell them in the gift shop). Stay till the end of the game and head to the dugout area (section 14ish). When the game is over get your ball signed!

Worcester's famous Hot Dogs! It is part of the experience and a must while at Polar Park!

Free digital photo booth!


Obligatory bobble head photo.

Kona Ice does private events and birthday parties!

Local craft beer! Cheers!

Poor Smiley Ball - he/she was very patient with me and my direction for my blog pictures! Thank you!!

Thanks for the seat recommendation Alex! Best seats in the house - and most affordable!

The Berm!

Look at the view!

Get your ball signed at the end of the game!

There is still time in the season to see a game! I plan go to go again before the season is over! If you have the chance to go it does not disappoint! It is a grand slam - home run family fun! Purchase tickets here!

For additional details on Polar Park check out my blog post from a tour here.

Play Ball!

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