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Worcester Red Sox at Polar Park - Home Run Family Fun!

Updated: Apr 29, 2021

The Canal District in Worcester, Massachusetts has been in full swing gearing up for the opening of Polar Park. Home of the professional minor league baseball team, the Worcester Red Sox aka the WooSox, the Triple-A affiliate of the Boston Red Sox.

Opening Day of the Worcester Red Sox is May 11, 2021. The new Covid restriction mandate allows 25% capacity. This is great news as it will allow Polar Park to host it's season ticket holders as well as a few hundred general admission fans.

I had the opportunity to have a tour of Polar Park with Joe Bradlee, Vice President/Baseball Operations & Community Relations. Mr. Bradlee has an extensive baseball background. He has worked for the Boston Red Sox, The Pawtucket Red Sox and now the Worcester Red Sox. During the tour he shared with me all that Polar Park has to offer. I can't wait to share these details with you! Everything about this park is a grand slam!

I was overwhelmed by everything the moment I set foot inside Polar Park. Wow, just Wow! What stood out the most was the backdrop of the ballpark and how it captures the City of Worcester. There was a train passing by behind home plate when we first walked in. How cool is that?!

The City of Worcester did not disappoint with the planning of this inclusive and state-of-the-art baseball stadium. They did not miss a beat! Polar Park has so much to offer!

  • The most exciting thing that I learned at today's tour is how affordable the tickets are! This is very important because unlike attending a Boston Red Sox game it will give families the opportunity to have a memorable experience at an affordable price. General admission for veterans, seniors and children are $8 and adults are $9. I was told parking lots will be available near by for around $10. (these parking lots are not affiliated with Polar Park)

  • The stadium is home to the first automatic grab and go check out at any sports venue - The Team Store! If you download the WooSox app you will have the ability to purchase your ice cold drink, peanuts and other concessions and literally walk out of the store. You will be charged via the app. No lines, no waiting! Umm yes please!

  • There is a Fan Services area that boasts an inclusive sensory friendly room, a nursing room, family bathroom and first aid.

  • 10 local restaurants from the City of Worcester will have a presence in the ballpark to incorporate local flavor. Be on the lookout for the Wonder Bar, Coney Island, Accra just to name a few.

  • Kids Zone will have activities for children and there is a grass area just past left field that will also have activities for kids as well. These details will be curated around current Covid restrictions with hopes to evolve throughout the season.

  • The DCU Club area will accommodate events such as Birthday Parties and Corporate functions.

  • There are a number of decks throughout Polar Park that offer standing room, some fixed seats and bar height tables and chairs. Mr. Bradlee's favorite area of the ballpark is the Hannover Deck! It is INCREDIBLE. This deck boasts the best view of the city and you can almost touch the trains as they pass behind you. Sign me up!

  • The Park has suites that are leased all year round as well as suites that can be rented game by game.

  • My favorite part is the empty concrete deck that will soon be the home of WooSox Farms. For those of you that are new here - I LOVE gardening. I am beyond excited for this part of the ballpark, the produce and veggies harvested from this roof top garden will be served in the suites and donated to local food pantries to give back to the community! I requested to be a part of WooSox Farms progress so I will absolutely keep you updated on the progression of this portion of the park. I think what excites me most about this area is that inner city children can see the magic of a rooftop garden and realize that all they need is a container, seeds, some dirt, water and sunlight. I think it will be very impactful for families that don't have a yard or a designated garden space.

  • NESN is going to cover 25-30 games for Minor league tv which is great exposure for the City of Worcester across the nation.

  • The Worcester Wall (think Green Monster) is 22 feet high it will have fix seats for group spaces and a party deck.

  • The team mascot of the WooSox is Smiley Ball.

  • The stadium has handicap accessible seating that allows for easy access right off the elevators/main entrance and also accommodates seating for family or friends. These innovative seats simply fold allowing room for wheelchair/handicap accessible seating. The view of the ballfield from these seats are out of this world.

  • The Team Store - apparel shop will be open to the general public to purchase any and all of the WooSox gear!

I was so excited to have such an amazing sneak peek of Polar Park! (I was honored to be in attendance at the very first press conference in 2018 - you can read that post here.)

The City of Worcester should be so proud to welcome this baseball stadium and home of the Worcester Red Sox!

To purchase tickets and for more information on Polar Park and the Worcester Red Sox visit their website here.

Play Ball!


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