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Curious George Birthday Party

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B loves George. He has a Kohls Cares plush George that he adores and that is where my inspiration for his birthday party came from. My favorite part of planning a birthday party are the favors. It is so fun to find something that not only works well with the theme at hand but that you know kids will be so excited to bring home.

I always seem to choose themes that are hard, meaning I can't easily find that theme's party supplies or things that go with that theme easily. Even though I found it somewhat challenging to find "George" party supplies I like to think I nailed it for B's party.

Check it out!

Source List

I couldn't find any Curious George invitations that I liked so I made these myself. They were super easy. I designed the actual invite and had this awesome company @CardsandPockets - check them out!

They printed the invitation and I purchased red mats and yellow petal folds from them. Once they shipped me the materials I simply glued the invite to the mat and petal fold and tied it with red and white bakers twine. The quality of the paper exceeded my expectations. I was super happy with the finished product.

For party favors I purchased @Kohls Cares Curious George Plush. I tied on Curious George books that I purchased from Scholastic. They were a hit!

I purchased Curious George cupcake toppers, Curious George Candle for the b-day boy and a couple inflatable bananas to use as decoration all from @Amazon. I found party hats and blowers @PartyCity website.

I printed Instagram style pictures from this super cool app called @PrintStudio straight from my phone. They came out great. I hung them on the same bakers twine I used on the invites using mini clothespins. The grandparents took home pictures that they liked as a party favor.

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