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Craft Time - Hand Print Drink Coasters

You guys! These hand print drink coasters are such an adorable gift. I made these for the first time with my friend Shauna we made them with our boys for Father's Day gifts that we paired with Dad's favorite beverage!

We have since done so many variations of these. I highly recommend making these they are easy, inexpensive and will last. Not to mention they are functional.

I will fill you in on a little secret. I must admit like other Mom's I shop at Target and Michael's for many of my craft supplies but for this craft project I bought all the materials at Home Depot, including the paint.

All you have to do is go to your local Home Depot and purchase 5 inch tiles you can make as many as you want to make a a a set. I always buy one or two extra just in case I break one while making them. You also need acrylic paint, gel stick on glass protector dots (you will need 4 per tile), one can of clear gloss enamel spray, and a tiny little hand :)

Simply paint your child's hand with the acrylic paint using a foam brush and place/push their hand print on the center of a tile. Let completely dry. I let them dry at least a day or more if you have time. Once fully dry spray outdoors in a well ventilated area with the enamel. I use a flattened cardboard box when I do this step by placing the tiles on the cardboard. The enamel spray takes a while to dry, at least a couple or few days (I know.. I know), so leave some prep time to make these. It will remain tacky for a bit so don't worry if yours feel tacky to the touch, that will go away. Once that is completely dry add the name and date on the back with a Sharpie and stick on four class protector dots one in each corner.


Here's what you need:

8 - 5 inch white tiles (or as many as you want for a set)

1 can of clear gloss enamel spray

Pro Tips:

Keep baby wipes near by and use those to wipe the paint off your child's hand. If you mess up and need a re do simply rinse the tile under the sink while the paint is still wet and wipe dry with a paper towel and start over.

Once the hand prints are totally dry put them in a shallow box to spray them. You only need to spray the painted surface not the back of the tile.

If you add any details such as a pumpkin face use a sharpie once the paint is totally dry.. it's much easier than trying to paint on the tiny details.

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