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Shark Week Crafts!

B and I have been doing a boat load of shark crafts this week! Check out these two sharks we made. These are our own versions of sharks and although they are not by any means perfect, in fact I questioned even blogging them, but we had a blast making them, and that's what it's all about! They were so easy and fun for Shark Week so have at it and try them for yourself!

Here's what you need:

Construction Paper

Toilet Paper Roll

Paper Plate




We made our own versions of a Great White Shark and a Hammer Head Shark. I cut out all the various pieces and B glued them together with my direction.

Simply cut out your shark to your liking. I cut separate pieces for tails, fins, eyes but you can get creative. I also only had two sheets of blue construction paper (hence the white tail) so what you see is what you get for my Shark Week Shenanigan crafts.

For the "Great White Shark" I cut out all the pieces in construction paper. Fold a paper plate in half and cut out triangles to make teeth. I bent/curled them a bit. Glue on the various parts and you are good to go!

For the "Hammer Head Shark" I cut out the various parts. Cut a strip of paper the width of a toilet paper roll. Glue the paper over the roll covering it in entirety. Glue on all the sharks parts and you are done!

Easy Peasy!

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