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Thanksgiving Tablescape - DIY Turkey Hand-print Placemats

My friend Shauna made these adorable placemats last year for her Thanksgiving Day Tablescape. I had to recreate her masterpiece with B and share it with you guys! It is so easy and fun! If you don't want to make placemats these would be super cute on a decorative hand towel for the kitchen or even just use paper or canvas and make Thanksgiving turkey hand print artwork!

I went to my local Dollar Store and purchased 8 fabric placements, they had a huge variety to choose from. I suggest choosing placemats that have minimal texture.

They are easy peasy and would be a perfect hostess gift for the grandparents in your life. Just be sure to give yourself a couple days to make these to allow drying time between each step. Check out the details below.

Here is what you need:



2 different size round sponges

Pick three different paint colors to represent turkey feathers. Paint one color on your little ones hand and place it on the placemat. Repeat this step 3 times, using different colors on every placemat, allow the paint to dry between adding additional hand prints on the placemat. Once all of the hand print turkey feathers have dried now it's time to paint the turkey. Using the smaller size round sponge, stamp the paint onto the center of the hand print feathers making the head of the turkey, use the larger round sponge and using the same method to make the body of the turkey. Allow to fully dry and paint on the turkey legs, beak and eyes. Once the paint is dry you are done! Enjoy!

Check out the pictures below of how my friend Shauana's came out. Thanks for the inspiration Shauna!

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