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Craft Time - American Flag Hand print

Here is a super cute American Flag hand print craft my friend Shauna and I did with the boys for 4th of July. You can make these any time of the year or any Patriotic Holiday such as Memorial Day, Fourth of July or Labor Day. Like anything I blog they are super easy and fun!

We simply printed an American Flag and replaced the stars with the boys hand print.

We got ambitious and cut/glued the flag to a sheet of blue construction paper then Shuana lamented it with her fancy lamination machine. So easy and super fun! You can get creative and use glitter or star stickers around the border you can paint the flag rather than printing it. There are no rules except to have fun!

Here's what you need:

Construction Paper for a Mat (We used blue but any color would work)



White craft paint

Foam paint brush


Print out the flag with no stars

Paint your child's hand with white craft paint

Place your child's painted hand on the flag where in place of the stars and apply a tiny bit of pressure

Cut the flag to size if necessary and glue the fag on construction paper (optional)

Laminate (optional)

Pro Tip: Anytime I do hand print art projects I keep baby wipes on hand and immediately wipe their hands clean, we wash our hands with soap and water when we are all done crafting.

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