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St. Patrick's Day Craft - Hand print Rainbow/Pot of Gold

Friday is Saint Patrick's Day. It was so cold this weekend that we didn't go to our local St. Patrick's Day Parade. I cannot wait till Spring is here! Even though we are having a Blizzard here today... Yes 2 feet of snow in March... I. Know. Ridiculous... I wanted to do something festive with B. So today we decided to do a Saint Patrick's Day craft. I saw this on @KitchenFunWithMy3Sons and had to make it with B!

Super easy... just paint rainbow color hand prints and paint or cut out and glue a pot of gold and gold coins.

Pro Tip: Be sure to leave room for the pot of gold... I ran out of room on one of them and had to improvise.

Keep baby wipes on hand, to wipe paint off your little one's hand in between colors.

Buy your acrylic craft paint at @HomeDepot they sell multi colored paint sets that are super convenient.

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