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DIY Mother's Day "Mom" Wooden Photo Blocks

You guys! These are the easiest most adorable craft ever. Perfect for Mother's Day. You can customize for grandmother's or anyone for that matter. The hardest part of this project was resizing the images. It was kind of a pain until I finally figured out how to do it correctly.

I got the inspiration from a Facebook friend's post. She posted these photo blocks that she received as a gift for her wedding shower. They had her new last name (one letter on each block). I saw them and immediately knew they would be so cool for mothers day!

Dad's...the best part is, I purchased all the materials used for this craft at Home Depot. You so got this!

Here's what you need:

1 Container of Mod Podge.

1 Foam paint brush.

3 Wooden blocks (Corner block moulding) any size you like.

3 Photos printed on normal computer paper (sized according to fit the size of blocks).

I bought these 3.5x3.5 in corner block moulding. They were $1.54 each and the best part is they are primed so they look like they are white washed, giving you one less step. No painting necessary! The wooden blocks at Michael's were unfinished and nearly $5 each.

I think they sell 4.5x4.5 blocks and you can then print Instagram pictures to avoid having to resize the pictures which was the most time consuming part of this project.

Choose three photos and resize them. I sized mine to 3x3 inches and I added a letter to each on in Photoshop to spell "Mom". If you aren't computer savvy you can probably use stickers or stamps or a sharpie (Let it dry entirely before using Mod Podge) get creative. I always be sure to have extra craft materials in case I make a mistake. Once you put the letters on your photos print them from your computer (or in my case my friends computer... Thank's Shauna :)) on regular printer paper, let the ink dry. Cut them out. Place them in the center of the back flat side of your moulding and add a generous amount of Mod Podge covering the entire surface of the photo and the block itself. Let them dry. And that's all folks. That's it! I sh*t you not, it's that easy!

Pro tips: Print each image you plan to use twice in case you make a mistake and need a do over. Buy some extra blocks too. I would also recommend buying 4.5x4.5 inch blocks and printing Instagram photos so you do not have to resize. Don't put too much pressure on the foam brush when applying the Mod Podge, the colors from the ink may run or smear. Lightly brush on a generous layers.

The middle block was still drying in this photo but I am so behind on posting this I want to ensure you have time to make it for Mother's Day, I just had to take a picture before it was completely dry #HotMessExpressMom moment!

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