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Patriotic American Flag Pretzels

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This is hands down my favorite blog post to date! I enjoyed making these patriotic Chocolate covered American Flag pretzels so much, they were SO EASY, and I just love how they came out! If you are looking to make something patriotic to bring to a summer BBQ's or 4th of July these are it! Trust me, they are so easy. They will certainly be the hit of the party!

Here's what you need:

Star Sprinkles (I couldn't find plain white so I just picked out the white stars from the variety pack)

3 bowls

3 spoons

1 zip lock bag

I know I said these were SO EASY but really they are SO EASY.

All you have to do is melt the white candy melts one bag at a time in a microwave safe bowl. Microwave for 30 second intervals and stir in between until fully melted. Spoon on or dip the melted chocolate covering almost the entire pretzel rods leaving a tiny bit uncovered on the ends. Set them on a parchment paper covered cookie sheets and repeat the steps until all the white chocolate and pretzels are gone. Allow the chocolate to harden. Mine were hardened and ready to rock and roll to the next step once I ran out of white chocolate.

Repeat the same steps by melting the blue candy melts and covering about half of the white chocolate in blue. I did a couple at a time and added the stars to the blue while it was still soft. To add the stars place them gently on one at a time, don't push them on, just hover over where you want it and gently drop it as close as you can without touching the blue melted candy. Once you have stars on a few, cover a few more with the blue and stars and repeat these steps until you are done. Set them back on the parchment lined cookie sheets as you go to let them harden.

Get creative you can't mess these up so do what you feel is real! They will look great!

Lastly melt the red candy melts and spoon them in a zip lock bag. Cut a small hole and squeeze out the red over the white making stripes by going back and fourth, they do not have to look perfect. Mine didn't.

Pro Tip: I wished I cut the hole a bit larger so my red came out a bit thicker so you may want to test one before you do them all.

Let them harden and enjoy!

I individually wrapped mine and tied with red, white, and blue curling ribbon. I also plated a bunch and brought them to a gathering. Everyone enjoyed them. I will certainly be making these again for our annual 4th of July cookout! So fun!

American Flag Pretzels

American Flag Pretzels

American Flag Pretzels

American Flag Pretzels

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