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Home Depot Kids Workshop - Free Family Fun Activity

If you are looking for a kids activity to do with your family? Do I have a recommendation for you! Check out the Home Depot Kids Workshops. It is such a blast, check out their website here for the next upcoming Kids Workshop and enter your location to register for free, yes, FREE!

B and I attended a couple weeks ago and we made a wooden Penske Box Truck. It was so stinking cute! As we approached the workshop in the back of the store you could hear all the hammering from the kids, it was adorable. B wanted to rock his hard hat to Home Depot to "do work", and he did just that. He was so excited!

Your child will have fun building the craft, they will get the opportunity to use real tools and learn tool safety. Not only does Home Depot provide the kit that includes everything you need to make the workshop craft, they also provide kid size Home Depot aprons that they write your child's name on, a commemorative pin (for this workshop it was a Penske Box Truck pin) that you can collect at each workshop, a plastic hard hat, and a certificate of achievement. I mean how much better does it get, it's free and such a fun hands on experience for your little one(s). Also, if you register your child for the workshop but prefer to make the craft at home simply check into the workshop to get all of your supplies and bring it all home.

The workshop is for all ages and super easy crafts with intuitive step by step instructions.

Here are a couple of Pro Tips I would recommend for this activity:

1. Wear clothes that can get dirty or in this workshops case get paint on.

2. Bring a shopping cart to the location of the workshop, the last step of this particular workshop was painting the craft. I panicked when we were done because I had a wet craft, a excited toddler and all of his cool new freebies and no free hands to transport everything to the car. Typical Hot Mess Express Mom moment. Lucky for me a Home Depot associate brought me a shopping cart, I think he spotted what a train wreck I was and he was there to the rescue!

Upcoming Home Depot Kids Workshop are:

Pencil box, Saturday, September, 2nd 9am-noon.

Firehouse bank, Saturday, October 7th 9am-noon.

Check to see if your local Home Depot offers the workshops and register here. (Be sure to enter your location to register at the appropriate Home Depot location)

I highly recommend this activity and be sure to share with all your mom friends!

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