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DIY "Heart Crusher" Monster Truck Valentines

These are the cutest Valentines I have made to date! I just loved how they turned out. I have to admit, I might be more excited than the B's friends who will be receiving these. They are so easy and adorable and even better they are super affordable to make! All the materials were from Target and cost $11 and make 16 "Heart Crusher" Valentines, less than a $1 a pop #Score! Target owns me, I know I am not the only mom who has zero self control at Target, I can't be.

These are perfect for the little boy in your life to give to his classmates for Valentine's Day and they make your Mom Game Strong! That's a win win in this Hot Mess's book!

Here's what you need:

Monster Truck Erasers

Cardboard Hearts

Black Glitter Washi Tape

All you have to do is tape these cute little Monster Truck Erasers to the hearts, that's it, easy peasy. I mean how cute are these!

Pro Tip: use a bit of double sided tape to secure the erasers to the heart because they are heavy and Washi tape isn't sticky. At. All. Simply use the Washi tape as a decorative touch to give an asphalt/road type look to finish off these adorable non-candy Valentines.

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