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Snow Paint

Is it Spring yet?

Here in New England we have been getting Nor'easter after Nor'easter and we are buried in snow. I always take B out to play in the snow even during snow storms.There is something so magical watching him play in the snow as the snow flakes are falling. This most recent storm came with powerful winds, so there was no playing in the snow during the storm, and it was a long storm. B and I were both going stir crazy. I figured what the heck, since we can't go outside, why not bring the snow inside. So I did just that. I put some fresh snow in plastic cups and added food coloring, handed B some paint brushes and paper and let him have at it. He had so much fun, making masterpiece after masterpiece with his "snow paint". That's it. Just some snow and food coloring is all you need. The finished product is a watercolor type look.

Pro Tip: Cover your table and any surface this paint touches. The food coloring can and will stain. My fingers were green for days. But we had fun, and that's all that matters.

Be sure to scroll to the end of the post and see what we created with his snow paint paintings.

Check out this blog post here to see how we turned his paintings into a beautiful one of a kind hand print tree masterpiece that will remind us of memories of our snow paint fun for years to come. This would be a perfect Mother's Day or Father's Day gift!

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